Women Connect Series

In September 2021, the “Women Connect Series” network for female researchers was founded. Together, the TRR259, TRR237, Cluster ImmunoSensation2, iRTG2168, and SFB1454 want to organize a network with workshops, lectures, and network events for female scientists. We would like to give young scientists the opportunity to exchange ideas with other women scientists so that they can benefit from the experiences of each other. With workshops specially tailored to female scientists, we want to improve career opportunities in order to increase the proportion of women at management levels.


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Visibility and Awareness

Learn more about our events and efforts related to visibility and awareness

Gender Equality

Learn more about our efforts to achieve gender equality in science

Career and Family 

To support families, we established a portfolio of specific offers to female and male scientists at all career stages

Workshop: "Gender, Power and Communication”
Teaching building, ...
09:00 - 05:00
Success in academia does not depend on academic merits alone. The way how academics communicate and lead is equally important. The objective of this workshop ...
Team Communication in Intercultural Contexts for Women
Teaching building, ...
09:00 - 03:00
“I thought we were on the same page? Now what is he talking about…?” How a person says and hears something may well be different to the way in which it was ...
Biomedical center I, ...
05:00 - 08:00
Radiation. Nuclear fission. Frequency hopping. Three outstanding pioneers represent the achievements of women in the field of science and technology: The ...
Improve your visibility – Career planning & Networking!
Improve your visibility – Career planning & Networking! Including Photo shooting for your application photos or personal and digital self-marketing": This ...

Participating associations

Women Connect is an umbrella of different research associations (TRR259, TRR237, Cluster ImmunoSensation2, IRTG2168, and SFB1454).Einleitungssatz. 

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