The Inclusive Researcher Network for Equality (IRENE) - Members

By bringing together different associations, we can reach more people with our events and workshops.

Denise Nehl
© Denise Nehl

Dr. Denise Nehl

Scientific Coordinator of the TRR259

Simon Görgen
© Simon Görgen

´Dr. Simon Görgen

Scientific Coordinator of the TRR237

Alexandra Krämer
© Alexandra Krämer

Dr. Alexandra Krämer

(on maternity leave

Graduates Program Coordinator (BIGS Immunosciences and Infection) and
Gender and Family Support of the ImmunoSensation: Bonn Cluster of Excellence

Lucie Delforge
© Lucie Delforge

Lucie Delforge

Scientific Coordinator of the IRTG 2168 

© Judith Houtman

Dr. Judith Houtman

Scientific Coordinator of the SFB1454

Cornelia Fischbach
© Simon Görgen

Dr. Cornelia Fischbach

Coordinator iRTG/TRR259

Stefan Altmann
© Simon Görgen

Dr. Stephan Altmann

Scientific Coordinator TRR 333 BATenergy

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